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Martec Vapour Slimline Bathroom 3-in-1 PTC Heater / Exhaust Fan / Tri-Colour LED Light


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Martec Vapour Bathroom 3-in-1 Slimline Flat Profile PTC Heater / Exhaust Fan / Tri-Colour LED Light in White.

Modern slimline linear design bathroom 3-in-1 with a sleek white trim finish. In our opinion, this is the premium bathroom 3-in-1 currently available in the Australian market.

The Martec Vapour features a dedicated 12W Tricolour integrated LED panel light, 2 x 1000W PTC ceramic heating elements, and an exhaust fan to circulate air in your bathroom.

High airflow extraction 55w exhaust fan motor extracts up to 400m³/hour to keep your bathroom fresh and well ventilated. Wall controller with 5 switches included for separate heat, light and fan control.

Electrician friendly design incorporates a side-entry duct (ø150mm) for easier installation and improved air extraction performance. Cut out template is included. Heavy duty metal housing provides market leading durability.

Built-in safety thermostat switch that will automatically turn off the unit if the internal temperature exceeds 80°C.

FAQ: What are the benefits of PTC Ceramic Heating Elements?
Unlike most 3-in-1 bathroom fittings which use R7s 800w linear heat lamps or 275w infrared heat lamps (which simply get super-hot and radiate heat slowly), the Vapour uses 2 x 1000w Ceramic PTC Heating Elements to warm your bathroom. The key here is the addition of a fan to the heating element; the actual Ceramic PTC element is fired up with electricity, which heats up very efficiently, then a fan blows air across the heating element, warming the air quickly, spreading this warm/hot air throughout the room to provide instant, safe warmth at the flick of a switch.

Thanks to the fan speeding things along, a PTC ceramic heater delivers instant warm air flow, which can warm up the bathroom quickly. You’ll feel the warmth right away. However, it is also much safer. Once you turn the heating off, the heating stops right away. This is unlike bathroom heaters which contain a traditional 800w R7s globe, like the Mercator Domino, which takes a long time to cool down. This makes the Martec Vapour a very sensible, safe choice for family homes with children.

Comes with a 2 year in-home (parts and labour) warranty.

Face: 540 x 376mm
Unit depth: 193.4mm (minimum ceiling depth of 200mm is required)
Side duct: ø116 x ø161mm
Cut out size: 523 x 345mm

– 3 in 1 Bathroom solution – Heater/Exhaust Fan/LED Light
– Powerful PTC heating element technology
– 12W Tricolour Selectable LED Central Light
– Switch light between 3000K / 4000K / 5000K light output depending on preference
– Light produces over 900 lumens
– Powerful high air/steam extraction exhaust fan extracts up to to 400m³/hour
– Powerful 55w ball bearing motor
– Modern ultra-low profile design
– Includes 3m of flexible aluminium ducting
– Self-closing back draft shutter
– Cutout template included
– Built-in safety thermostat switch that will automatically turn off the unit if the internal temperature exceeds 80°C
– 2 year in-home warranty (parts and labour)

– MPN: MBHV2000W
– Power (wattage): 55w
– Voltage: 220-240V
– Rated frequency: 50Hz
– Extraction up to 400m³/hour
– Motor: ball bearing
– Heat type (wattage): 2 x1000W PTC heat elements (fan forced)
– Light type: Tricolour LED
– Light wattage: 12w
– Colour temperature: 3000K / 4000K / 5000K
– Lumens: 900lm>
– Water resistance rating: IPX2
– Control type: 5 gang wall switch included
– Duct outlet diameter: ø150mm
– Aluminium duct included: 150 x 150 x 3000mm

If you would like a DIY option for a ceramic bathroom heater, check out this new beauty from Martec.

Note: with any of our bathroom 3-in-1 heater/light/fan products, we do not recommend installing them directly over or close to the shower, doing so greatly increases the chance of water ingress to the LED light and risking light failure. Unfortunately we cannot offer warranty for fittings installed directly over or very close to the shower zone. Do not install them in this scenario.

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