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Brilliant Luxor Low-Glare Gimble Tilt Tri-Colour 10w LED Downlight in White


Brilliant Luxor Tri-Colour 10w LED downlight by Brilliant Lighting.

The ultimate project downlight to replace 50w Halogen downlights, the Brilliant Luxor uses the latest LED technology, producing a very high light output using precision optics and a high output COB (Chip On Board) LED.

Features an LED colour temperature changing dip switch located on the back of the downlight, allowing users to flick between Warm White, Neutral/Cool White and Daylight.

Due to their slightly narrower beam angle and ability to THROW light more effectively, COB LEDs are better suited to installations above kitchen benches, dining tables, offices and study rooms than normal LED downlights. They are also great for hallways and bedrooms due to the fact that the light source is deeply recessed into the fitting, ensuring that the area remains well lit without shining light in your eyes, meaning that they produce far less glare and are more comfortable to live with.

It is these attributes that make COB downlights the choice of architects, interior designers and lighting designers. They are also almost exclusively the choice for Hotels and Resorts.

With its intuitive design, the Brilliant Luxor Tri-Colour downlight can be placed in ceiling cutouts of 70mm to 93mm in diameter.

The Brilliant Luxor Tri-Colour LED Downlight is GIMBAL, meaning that the light can be pointed 0° (directly downwards) or up to 22° to each side.

Comes with a 3 year warranty.

IC-F Abutted and Covered rated for use with thermal insulation.

With a flick of the switch you can choose the desired light setting in each room of your house.

Choose between:
WW- Warm White, 3000K- eg. Living rooms, bedrooms
NW- Neutral/Cool White, 4200K- eg. Hallways, kitchens
CW- Daylight, 6500K- eg. Laundries, bathrooms


• CCT Switchable between Warm White (3000K) / Cool White (4200K) / Daylight (6500K)
• Lumens: 800lm / 900lm / 880lm
• Beam angle: 50°
• Gimbal (adjustable) light direction angle: up to 22°
• CRI: 80+
• Rated for IC-4 Abutted and Covered usage to allow for covering with thermal insulation
• Gimbal head downlight (adjustable angle)
• Diecast aluminium construction
• White powder coated finish
• COB LED technology for superior light output
• External dimmable LED driver
• Flex and plug (Total length 1m)
• Long lasting up to 30,000 hours
• Cut-out 70-93mm diameter
• 3 Year Warranty

Dimensions: 70-93mm cutout, 100mm face diameter, 85mm total unit depth

MPN: 20203/05

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