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Brilliant The Duet Tri-Colour Large LED Downlights - Recessed or Surface Mounted


Brilliant The Duet CCT Large Slim LED Downlights.

For use in commercial and domestic applications where larger recessed downlights or regular surface mounted fittings/oysters are required. 3 sizes available to ensure that THE DUET range covers most common applications either domestic or commercial.

Each downlight comes with all parts required in the box for either a recessed installation or surface mounted installation.

If you need to recess The Duet, the main downlight is installed just like a normal LED downlight; simply throw away the parts you don’t need. If you need to surface mount The Duet, it simply clicks into the surface mount-trim that it comes with in the box, creating an efficient and super bright surface mounted LED downlight/oyster light.

All models feature an LED colour temp changing dip switch located on the back of the fitting, allowing the choice between Warm White, Neutral/Cool White and Daylight light output.

Rated for IC-4 Abutted and Covered usage to allow for covering with thermal insulation (fitting only).

Available in 3 sizes:
– 12w Model (Ø170mm recessed or Ø175mm surface mount)
– 18w Model (Ø220mm recessed or Ø225mm surface mount)
– 24w Model (Ø240mm recessed or Ø245mm surface mount)
Cutouts if recessing: Ø145mm (12w), Ø195mm (18w), Ø215mm (24w)

Super slim profile – just a 35mm total unit depth for all sizes.

Each Brilliant The Duet comes with a 60cm flex and plug. The LED driver is in-built into the fitting.

White trim with quality frosted light diffuser.

All models come with a 3 year replacement warranty.

• Change between Warm White (3000K), Cool White (4000K) and Daylight (6000K) via a dip switch on the back of the downlight.
• Rated for IC Abutted and Covered usage to allow for covering with thermal insulation (fitting only)
• Wide 100 degree beam angle
• Super slim SAA approved internal non-dimmable LED driver
• Long lasting up to 30,000+ hours
• 60cm and plug fitted
• Three common cut-out sizes to suit most Retrofit applications
• Includes all fittings to convert to either recessed or surface mount
• 3 year warranty

Wattage: 12w, 18w and 24w
Lumens @ 3000K: 800lm (12w), 1400lm (18w), 1600lm (24w)
Lumens @ 4000K: 1000lm (12w), 1600lm (18w), 2000lm (24w)
Lumens @ 6500K: 900lm (12w), 1600lm (18w), 1800lm (24w)

Cutouts if recessing: Ø145mm (12w), Ø195mm (18w), Ø215mm (24w)

12w – 20827/05
18w – 20828/05
24w – 20829/05


12w, 18w, 24w

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