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Martec Saturn Round Small or Large Exhaust Fan with Tri-Colour LED Light


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Martec Saturn LED Exhaust Fan in Round.

Available in 2 sizes: 25w motor, 275mm (240mm cutout) or 45w motor, 335mm (295mm cutout), in round fascia.

The Martec Saturn LED exhaust fan series features a superior blade design for maximum air & steam extraction. It rapidly extracts air and steam from laundries and bathrooms. It is suitable for bathrooms of all sizes, with a quiet motor that allows you to enjoy the bathroom ambience you’ve always wanted.

This model features an integrated high-lumen 17w LED Light. The light is Tri-Colour selectable, meaning that you have the choice of Warm White (3000K), Cool White (4000K) or Daylight (5000K) all built into one fitting. Produces up to 1400 lumens worth of light. The light has a frosted diffuser as shown.

The Saturn range features Martec’s signature high performance, long life ball bearing motor. This helps ensure you always get the best out of your bathroom exhaust fan, making it the perfect addition to your bathroom or laundry.

The Saturn also has a removable fascia for easy cleaning, and has a built in draft stopper for energy efficient performance. 100mm (small model) and 150mm (large model) side-duct for easy duct installation.

Separate fan and light power cords included, so you can have the fan and light switched separately, or together on the same switch.

2 year replacement warranty.

– DIY installation possible – fitted with a flex and plug
– 2 sizes available: 275mm (240mm cutout) or 335mm (295mm cutout)
– Efficient, ultra quiet long life ball bearing motor (25w or 45w)
– Tri-Colour selectable 17w LED Light
– Choose between 3000K/4000K/5000K
– Lumens: 1200lm/1400lm/1200lm
– Separate fan and light power cords included
– Easily removable grill for cleaning
– Low profile design
– Side duct outlet with draft stopper
– Easy installation clamps to fit and secure fan into ceiling
– 100mm (small model) or 150mm (large model) side duct (aluminium flexi-duct not included)
– Self sealing exhaust damper to prevent drafts (draft stopper)
– Turbo fan blade design for high efficient air-steam extraction
– Exhaust fan motor wattage: 25w (small models), 45w (large models)
– Air extraction: small- 180m³/h / large- 443m³/h
– Voltage: 220-240v
– Frequency: 50Hz
– 2 year warranty

Small Size
Cutout size: 240mm diameter
Fascia size: 275mm diameter
Unit depth: 226mm

Large Size
Cutout size: 295mm diameter
Fascia size: 335mm diameter
Unit depth: 226mm

Small, White – MPN: MXFSLR20W
Large, White – MPN: MXFSLR25W
Small, Black – MPN: MXFSLR20M
Large, Black – MPN: MXFSLR25M

Note: with any of our Exhaust Fan/LED Light combos, we do not recommend installing them directly over or close to the shower, doing so greatly increases the chance of water ingress to the light and risking light failure. Unfortunately we cannot offer warranty for fittings installed directly over or very close to the shower zone.


Black, White


Large, Small

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