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Telbix Macro 105 White Low-Glare Tri-Colour 9w LED Downlight


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Telbix Macro 105 White Low-Glare Deep Recessed Tri-Colour 9w LED Downlight.


The Telbix Macro 105 White LED downlight has been specifically designed for today’s domestic living spaces. Maximum lux is achieved via the custom lens which is deep set offering a low glare light source. Installation is simple with the fixture ready to plug into existing sockets.

This is a low glare, dimmable 9w LED Downlight with selectable colour temperature. Features a Tri-Colour colour temperature changing dip switch located on the side of the downlight, allowing the choice between Warm White (3000K) or Cool White (4000K) or Daylight (5000K) light output all built into one downlight.

Simple, clean look this fantastic energy-saving downlight with a great light spread. Features a recessed design to reduce glare on screens and are ideal for everyday homes, commercial applications or in retail showrooms. With an integrated driver, lead and plug, installation is super fast and super easy.

Perfect for new or retro-fit installations with a standard 90mm hole cut-out. Unique diamond lens optics to minimise multiple shadows. Deep recessed design to provide anti-glare light control, creating a comfortable light environment. IC-4 rated – Can be safely covered and abutted to building insulation. SAA approved with separate dimmable driver with flex & plug.

The Macro 105 is a LOW GLARE downlight, with a UGR rating of <19. This means that the downlight lights up the area below very well, but does so comfortably without shining light into your eyes - which is what a proper downlight should do. Together with it's 60 degree beam angle, the Macro THROWS light downwards. Even though some downlights are rated at 1000 lumens plus, put them side by side with the Macro and you will see how much better the Macro lights up the area below due to the optical low glare design. Comes with a 3 year replacement warranty*. Available here in Matt White. FAQ: WHY GO FOR A LOW GLARE DEEPLY RECESSED DOWNLIGHT LIKE THE MACRO 105 OVER A STANDARD 'PANEL' STYLE DOWNLIGHT FOR $10? Due to their slightly narrower beam angle (60°) and ability to THROW light more effectively, deeply recessed LED downlights like the Macro 105 are better suited to installations above kitchen benches, dining tables, offices and study rooms than normal LED downlights. Due to the fact that the light source is deeply recessed into the fitting, they are also great for hallways and bedrooms, ensuring that the area remains well lit without shining light in your eyes, meaning that they produce far less glare and are more comfortable to live with. Put them side by side with a standard cheap downlight and you will see the difference. Specifications: • Voltage: 220-240V / 50Hz • Tri-Colour switchable between Warm White (3000K) / Cool White (4000K) / Daylight (5700K) • Lumens: 800lm • Beam angle: 60° • Finished in Matt White • Polycarbonate covered aluminium body (anti corrosion) • IC-4 rated (fitting only) • Deeply recessed LEDS with multi-facted optical system to improve light throw • IP44 weatherproof rated • CRI: 80+ • Dimmable with trailing edge dimmers (TRIAC) • Separate Dimmable LED driver for better heat dissipation • Flex & plug included • 90mm cutout required • Rated life: Long-Life (over 30,000 hours) • 3 Year Warranty Dimensions: - 90mm cutout - 105mm face diameter - 70mm total unit depth MPN: MACRO DL105-WH3C *warranty is back to base.

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