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RODI 400VA Trailing Edge Rotary Dimmer for Brightgreen LED Downlights


RODI Rotary LED Dimmer for Brightgreen and Loomi LED Products.

Flicker-Free and Incredible, the RODI Rotary LED Dimmer provides incredible levels of dimming performance. Operating at 100,000 Hz, dimming the lights operates without a flicker and seriously smooth. You’ve never dimmed like this before.

Open a bottle, make yourself comfortable and get your mood light just right with Brightgreen’s RODI Rotary LED Dimmer.

Perfectly Protected – Feel safe using the RODI dimmer with a load of protective features included; overheating protection, short circuit protection, overload protection and soft start capabilities.

Decide Your Dimming – Why dim any lower than you need to? Our dimmer allows you to set your desired minimum brightness your lights can achieve, and allows for both one-way and two-way dimming. Have confidence that your light will stay as bright as you like.

Designed to work perfectly with Brightgreen LED products such as the D700+, D900+, D550+ and more!

Compatible with all major Australian wall switch plates, including Clipsal and HPM. Just not Clipsal Saturn.

Comes with a 5 year warranty.

– Soft start
– Overload protection
– Short circuit protection
– Flicker-free dimming operation
– One-way or two-way operation
– Preset minimum brightness
– Overheating protection
– 5 year warranty

Full Features:
– Rotary controlled, modular dimmer mechanism rated at 400W
– Advanced dimming technology, designed specifically for deep dimming with LED lamps
– Compatibility with incandescent, 240V halogen and low voltage halogen lamps with dimmable electronic transformers
– Up to 6 dimmers can be installed in a plate
– Wall or architrave mounting options
– Suitable for new or retrofit applications
– Over-current and thermal fuse cut-off (non-recoverable), making it capable of withstanding persistent short circuit conditions
– Immunity to high frequency (ripple) signal injection on mains supply
– Complies with Australian and International EMC standards

Electrical Specifications:
Input Voltage: 220-240v
Min Lamp Load- 5w
Max Lamp Load- 400w
Frequency- 100,000Hz
Rated Power- 400VA
Withstand Voltage- 3750 VAC


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