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Havit HV5880T 12w / 18w / 28w LED Ceiling Flush Oyster Light Panels – Retrofit Globes


Havit HV5880T 12w / 18w / 28w Tri-Colour LED Panels for Retrofitting Traditional Fluoro / Fluorescent Ceiling Oyster Lights.

These LED panels are also used in the Havit Ostra and Havit Ostron LED Oyster Light range – these are the replaceable panels you can buy for those fittings.

The Havit HV5880T is available in 3 sizes.
– 12w (180mm diameter), equivalent output of traditional 15-20w round fluoro fitting.
– 18w (180mm diameter), equivalent output of traditional 20-32w round fluoro fitting.
– 28w (230mm diameter), equivalent output of traditional 32-40w round fluoro fitting.

When retrofitting old fluorescent fittings, your qualified and licensed electrician will remove the old round tube and control gear (including the ballast) of the existing light and replace it all with the HV5880T. The HV5880T wires straight to your fitting’s 240v terminal block, and can be easily mounted in the existing oyster light in 2 ways, either screwed in or simply magnetically; there are magnets on the back.

The HV5880T range features a Tri-Colour selectable dip switch, allowing the choice between Warm White, Neutral/Cool White and Daylight all built into one fitting.

120° beam angle, ensuring great light spread with minimal shadows, making these perfect for kitchens and living areas where great light spread is beneficial. The HV5880T panels are dimmable with LED friendly dimmers.

Comes with a 3 year replacement warranty.

– Tri Colour LED Panels
– Replace existing fluoros or use as spares for Ostra/Ostron LED oysters
– Plastic backing
– Dimmable
– Input Voltage: 240v AC
– Tri Colour
– 12w, 18w or 28w LED
– 3000K / 4000K / 5500K Tri-Colour Selectable
– Lumens (12w / 18w / 28w): 765lm / 1300lm / 2785lm
– 120° Beam Angle
– 3 Years Replacement Warranty

12w Model – HV5880T-12W
18w Model – HV5880T-18W
28w Model – HV5880T-28W


12w Model, 18w Model, 28w Model

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