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Brilliant Ceres 3 Light Track and CCT Tri-Colour LED Spotlight Kit in Black or White

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Brilliant Ceres 3 Light LED Track Light Kit – The ULTIMATE affordable premium 1 metre track light kit for Feature Walls, Showrooms, Hair Salons, Modern Kitchens, Living Areas and Island Benches!

A quality Commercial-Grade product with an Australia-wide 3 year warranty.

This kit includes a 1 metre track and three 10w LED Tri-Colour track heads to suit! Each fitting also comes with a straight track joiner accessory to connect multiple tracks together, so you can have longer runs!

With a 350° body rotation and a 60° up and down angle tilt, the modern track light heads can be angled to throw their 60° beam towards design features and artwork at any point in its full range of motion.

Modern and sleek styling that is great for use in living rooms, kitchens, laundries and bedrooms. Each head can be rotated and moved independently to direct the light exactly where required. Extend the track by adding additional kits using the supplied joiners.

Each track light head is a low glare but super bright 10w LED which is Tri-Colour CCT selectable. Easily change colour temperature (CCT) from warm white 2700K, cool white 4000K to daylight 6300K using the switch located on the rear side of the head. Although the LED only consumes 10w, it is EXTREMELY efficient with a lumen output of up to 650 lumens which is more than a 50w halogen downlight!

Additional Spotlights can be added (recommend 5 maximum per metre).

The Ceres track lights are Dimmable with LED friendly dimmers.

Ideal for new designs or upgrading outdated existing tracklights, the track heads themselves come with a compact universal track base for fast, easy installation and increased thermal efficiency — no need for cutouts or gaps in insulation. It fits easily onto the 1 metre track included in the kit.

The Brilliant Ceres 3 Light Track Kit offers all of the versatility of a tracklight in a simple, minimalist design. Featuring a pure aluminium body, this durable and energy efficient tracklight is designed to last and is backed by an incredible 3 year Australia-wide replacement warranty.

Complete Track kit includes:
• 1 metre of track
• 3 x LED Track Lights
• 1 x Dead Track End
• 1 x Live Track End
• 1 x Straight Track Joiner to make longer runs

– Single Circuit (3-wire) LED Track Light Kit
– Aluminium matt white or matt black finish
– Kit includes: 1m track, 3 track lights with globes, straight joiner (to make longer runs and connect multiple tracks together!) and end pieces
– Track itself includes live end and dead end AND i-shape straight track joiner
– IP rating: IP20
– Input voltage: 240v AC
– Adjustable direction to aim light where required. 350 degree knuckle rotation, 60 degrees up and down
– Easily change colour temperature (CCT) from warm white 2700K, cool white 4000K to daylight 6300K using the switch located on the rear side of the head.
– Delivers a high level of lumens with a lower wattage output.
– Lumens: 650 lumens per head @ 4000K
– Dimmable
– 60° Beam angle
– 3 years replacement warranty (Australia-wide)

Track dimensions: 1000mm long x 35mm wide x 17mm hight.

NOTE: This kit includes a 1 metre track and three CCT LED track heads to suit as shown, PLUS each unit comes with a bonus Straight Track Joiner accessory so you can make longer track runs. For example you buy 3 kits which will give you the possibility to make a 3 metre run.

MPN: 22128
Black – 22128/06
White – 22128/05


Black, White

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