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Brightgreen D600.RSXH Curve Adjustable 7w LED Recessed Downlight - Tru Colour



Brightgreen D600 RSXH Curve 7w LED Adjustable Recessed Downlight.

Featuring TRU-COLOUR- giving you more vibrant colours, defined details and flattering skin tones! see your world as it should be seen!

Feeling indecisive? Surface mounted or Recessed? Meet the Irresistibly Flexible RSX. It’s both. Immensely Adjustable. Ah, Push it, Push it real good for Recessed. Pull it out and Gimbal it all about for Surface mounted. Direct your beams with our dynamite D600.RSXH. It’s made for Mood Swings.

This flexible surface-mounted design provides the freedom to reorient your lighting to spotlight smaller interior features as they change over the years. With a pared-back minimalist design, the Brightgreen D600 RSXH Curve projects Tru-Colour illumination, to enhance the appearance of your home through superior light quality.

Designed for seamless compatibility with leading dimmers and home automation system, the D600.RSXH and the rest of the RSX Series are at the forefront of LED deep dimming and digital control.

Offering genuine flexibility in design, the D600.RSXH Curve features a constant friction hinge, ensuring the luminaire stays in place after adjustments. With a 360° body rotation and 0-25° angle tilt, this petite design allows you to change focal points in your space with a simple touch. On top of this, with a ‘zoomable’ beam angle of between 15° and 36°, the D600.RSXH can be altered with a simple twist to focus or expand it’s light beam if need be.

Although recessed, the inner body of the D600.RSXH is fully sealed from your ceiling space, so you don’t lose anything in the way of cooling/heating, insulating your interior completely unlike many other adjustable LED downlights.

Available in white or black.

Dimmable LED driver is built into the fitting.

– Wattage: 7W
– Tru-Colour: Yes
– CRI: 97+
– Warranty: 5 years
– Source Lumens: 600lm
– Delivered Lumens: 420-430lm
– Colour temperature: 3000K Warm White or 4000K Cool White
– Beam angle: 15-36 degrees ‘zoomable’
– Gimbal Angle: 0-25° tilt, 360° around
– Dimming: Yes- all major leading edge, trailing edge and universal dimmers
– Lifetime: 70,000 hrs
– Efficacy: 61lm/W
– IP Rating: IP20
– Input voltage: 220-240v

90-95mm round cutout required.

Due to this item being subject to the strictest quality control and limited supply, please check stock before ordering.


Black, White

LED Light Colour

Neutral White (4000K), Warm White (3000K)

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